About T4G

Tek4Gov provides consulting and system integration and consulting services for Federal, State and Local public sector clients. Our team includes former senior staff from some of the largest public sector, private sector, and product development firms. We leverage our backgrounds across industries and collective experience delivering public sector projects to help clients develop innovative practices and achieve outstanding results. We are focused on the delivery of information technology, but are equally committed to enabling our clients through ongoing collaboration. Our goal is to work with you to achieve your immediate goals and lay the foundation for future opportunities to support you through the years.

Technology and related practices are continuously evolving. We invest in our team to continually add and expand our skills around emerging technologies to provide up-to-date options to our clients and a forward thinking mindset to each challenge. We seek out professionals who are notable in their expertise and foster the Sacramento area technology community with our internship and mentoring programs. These practices deliver innovation today and ensure the long-term sustainability of our clients’ information technology investments.

In support of our system integration practices, Tek4Gov provides resale services for a select set of technology partners. We intentionally select our resale partners for their relevance to our practice areas and the quality of their products. Our clients and staff benefit from training and enablement programs from our partners to expand and develop their skills. It is through our relationships and partnerships with product vendors that we appreciate and extend additional access to support and product development resources to our clients. The combination of system integration and resale optimizes our implementation and end results.

Headquartered in Sacramento, we are a certified California Small Business with the Department of General Services. Tek4Gov is a majority owned Minority Owner/Women Owned Business.