Cloud Management

TEK4GOV has implemented over 16 public sector AWS cloud implementations spanning mission-critical systems to end-user virtual desktop environments. We are an AWS Select Partner and maintain an AWS Public Sector specialty designation. Our AWS practice focuses on the following principles to establish cloud computing environments that are secure, scalable, and cost-effective:

as Code

Deploy using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for consistency across the organization to promote security, resiliency, and repeatability


Utilize platform services where possible to reduce time to value and ongoing maintenance costs


Leverage automated tools for security and system maintenance to focus staff time on high-value activities


Create well-documented deployments for transition to client staff for ongoing system maintenance


Development, Security, and Operations are the foundation of AWS practices by providing the processes and automated tools required for continuous system enhancement and efficient ongoing maintenance. In alignment with the term, our DevSecOps practices start with development activities, including rigorous configuration management, code quality measures, and automated integration/builds. We pair our AWS and software development staff to provide clients with benefits, including:

Build and deploy automation for project delivery efficiency

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) based deployments for consistency and continuous operations

Integrated software assurance tools for improved quality and security

Use of system management automation to efficiently keep systems current

Cloud Infrastructure
and Platform Services

Our staff are experts in various cloud infrastructure technologies and AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. We use PaaS and serverless offerings to reduce cost and ongoing maintenance and improve security. When platform options are not available, we bring expertise in containerizing applications for deployment to highly scalable deployments using Kubernetes and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). 

Our DevOps and development teams also bring experience with highly scalable micro-services-based architecture using technologies such as AWS Lambda.

Cloud Networking

Our cloud network reference architectures are based on 0-trust principles to promote security through cloud service compartmentalization. In addition, our architectures improve security through multi-Account implementations to isolate services and provide robust access control.

We also offer expertise in implementing hybrid cloud architectures, such as integrating third-party cloud services with your environment using the AWS Global Network. Finally, we also bring expertise in integrating cloud services with your on-premise infrastructure using DirectConnect.

Virtual Desktop

To address the prevalence of remote work combined with a highly active cyber threat environment TEK4GOV has developed reference architectures for highly secure AWS Workspaces and AppStream virtual desktop deployments. Our reference architecture extends the base AWS FedRAMP certification with surrounding controls to meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and CMMC. We combine our reference architecture, existing deployment scripts, and your organization’s infrastructure to create a virtual desktop environment that achieves regulatory compliance while not impeding staff productivity.

Did your organization quickly standup up a virtual desktop environment during the pandemic and have concerns about threat exposure? TEK4GOV can help streamline management and operations and secure your data through our AWS Workspaces tune-up offering. Our team of experts assesses your environment and analyzes pain points to determine enhancements to improve ongoing management.