Software Development

TEK4GOV uses agile practices because they deliver value quickly and establish effective collaboration with our clients. Short feedback loops, incremental evidence of progress, and efficiency are reasons we look for opportunities to apply agile development to solve your complicated business problems.

We bring experience in the latest technology platforms to deliver products that provide the features you need now and in the foreseeable future. We adjust the technology to your standards and staff skill sets. Some examples of technology platforms we value as scalable, secure, and quick to develop include:

UI Technology

Back End Technology

Data Integration

These technologies allow for deployment in cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure environments. In addition to software development, we can assist your organization’s transition to cloud infrastructure and services to accelerate development and reduce cost.

Agile Transformation

Software development is the easy part of system implementation; creating and maintaining alignment across stakeholders, project staff, and users is more complex. A shared context and culture forms the foundation to make agile development successful; Our team works with your stakeholders, business experts, and technical staff to develop an agile approach and practice that integrates with your organization to improve what you already have. In addition, we can provide agile coaching services if agile is new to your team. We tailor our engagement model to your needs, which can include services for organizational transformation, practices to integrate agile into your project management organization, and software development coaching.

It is vital to install product management practices that integrate your staff with our product development team. This relationship ensures that we build the right software and have sufficient information to develop and deploy your product effectively. Our approach is collaborating with clients to expand their product vision and roadmap to create valuable inputs into software development. Our engagement model for product management is flexible. We help clients review their existing agile product backlog to prepare stories for software development. We also have the experience to help government clients establish an Initial product backlog through user engagement, analysis of requirements, and policy.